UMN was established on 25 November 2005 based on the National Education Ministerial Decree No. 169/D/O/2005. Its operation is officially managed by Multimedia Nusantara Foundation. This foundation was established by Kompas Gramedia, a reputable business group engaged in mass media, publishing, printing, bookstores, hotels and education services. More about UMN:

About IMDES:

The Innovation in Media and Visual Design conference discusses the relationship between mass media, people, design and technology as well as digital media creation from those interactions. The conference interdisciplinary approach draws on design, information, social science, and the humanities, offering/allowing not only to think/design what today’s design make possible, but to invent new things on mass media and society can do using emergent technology. This conference is a sphere for those intellectuals who examine the conceptual design, praxis and research discourse on the exploration of academic merits for the design field.

IMDES Conference Objectives are:

  1. Design researchers from various countries will have a unique opportunity to present research findings to an exclusive audience and international experts
  2. The conference will facilitate constructive exchange of information, ideas, research findings, best practices, and lessons identified between the design researchers and design practitioners
  3. The conference will create a unique environment for participants to establish professional networks in their respective fields, particularly with representatives from academia.
  4. Research papers presented at the conference will be compiled into a publication (Journal and conference proceeding)




Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital along with being the country’s economic and political centre. The largest city in Indonesia and the most populated region in Southeast Asia


Jakarta Old Town aka Old Batavia, or locally referred to as 'Kota Tua Jakarta', was the downtown area of the capital long ago, bearing silent witness to the occupation of the Dutch East India Company.


Bogor is located at 60 km south, or a mere one hour by road from Jakarta. Once known as Buitenzorg meaning 'free of care', Bogor is at the foothills of Mt Salak. It has a high, year-round rainfall and a much cooler climate compared to metropolitan Jakarta.